Short Stories 


LighthouseOn a remote Canadian island, a lighthouse keeper experiences mysterious lights in the sky.  

Unsure what to do, his colleagues decide to investigate for themselves.  

What they find shocks them…& that’s just the beginning!


Read Europa

The terra-forming of Jupiter’s moon Europa, was in its infancy. 

Some were opposed to the exploitation of another world and they resisted.

During humanity’s first attempt to adapt a world that isn’t home; they ran into something unexpected…


The Garden

Garden book cover

When Nicola moves into her new home, she isn’t expecting to share it with anybody.  Let alone, with

someone who’s been dead for the past twenty years.

If she attempts to change the past how will it affect her future?

Coming Soon

Velma Scott & the CURSE of the blood Red moon

Read Velma Scott and the curse of the blood red moon

Velma Scott is a detective. Her latest case involves the attempted murder of a newspaper reporter.

She’s convinced that powerful forces are at work.

As she investigates, Velma’s determined to find out what’s going on & why?


The Courier 

Cabal Series, Book 1

Read The Courier

The Courier is a fast-paced espionage thriller set during WW2.

Jacob Modesta has been tasked with smuggling footage of Nazi atrocities in central and eastern Europe to the allies. 

But the British government has been compromised & traitors lurk at every turn. 

An agent is dispatched to protect the courier, en-route. Unknown to them both, the film footage they are protecting also depicts a mysterious new weapon. Pursed by a clutch of enemies and allies, will they live long enough to complete their mission?

The White House Memorandum 

Cabal Series, Book 2

Read The White House Memorandum

The White House Memorandum is a political crime thriller set in Cold War America, 1963.

A detective responds to a dispatch call and discovers his estranged brother, murdered.  His investigation leads to a mysterious memo, originating from an office in the White House.

Seconded to the state department, he unravels a story of politics, murder, UFO’s & conspiracy.              

The Galbraith Partnership 

Cabal Series, Book 3

Read The Galbraith Partnership






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